Green Peeling


Green Peel Dr. Schrammek - Biological Peeling is suitable for treating acne, wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, sagging skin, abdomen, arms and thighs - especially for women after childbirth or atopic skin.


Green Peel is a biological method of skin peeling and is based on the herb mixture.


  • This mixture supports elasticity of the skin.

  • Generally improves the quality of the skin, reduces wrinkles and scars.

  • Tightens pores, reduces sebum production and perfectly clean skin problems.


Improvement of the skin condition is already visible in a few days after the first treatment.


The green Peel is a biological method of restoring the skin. The mixture of herbs causes strong blood supply and peeling the surface layer of the skin. It strongly encourages the creation of new cells and occurs naturally regenerate and rejuvenate the skin.


A comprehensive program of skin care using effective herbal mixtures which generally improves the quality of skin. Smoothest wrinkles and scars, eliminates stretch marks and


sagging skin, reduces sebum production. The method cleans problematic skin in depth and improves skin elasticity.


What problems can be deal with using the Green Peel?


This method helps to remove acne, dirt, scars, pigmentation spots, stretch marks, sagging, wrinkled, poor circulation, pale skin. The Green Peel is very effective in rejuvenating of the skin.


How does the treatment work?


The first day will be aplication by the herb mixture on the treated area. During the peel will be slightly "sanding" surface layers of the skin and improving blood flow. After the treatment the skin is slightly reddened, feeling like a light sunburn. Three to four days will be peeling of the surface layers of the skin.


Throughout peeling we have to avoid the water! The fourth or fifth day we will use other products from the entire Green Peel, the beautician removes the remnants of dead skin. Regenerated skin is crisp, clean and rejuvenated. The treatment can be performed again in intervals of 2-3 weeks.




Allergic, very sensitive skin, thin skin with spider veins on the face,

skin diseases, bacterial purulent infections (impetigo), herpes, influenza, atopic eczema.



Green Peel price list:



Herbal Deep Peeling

3.600,- Kč

Green Peel treatment after

1.000,- Kč


  Beauty treatments Dr. Schrammek


Treatment of acne and impure skin   990,- Kč

Source of energy and vitality

1.800,- Kč

Lifting treatment

1.400,- Kč

Hydro - vital treatment

1.200,- Kč

Vital herbal treatments - 3 minute green peel

1.800,- Kč