The waxing is the method of removing unwanted body hair by the wax. The skin after waxing can be mildly

irritated but it in one day disappear.


The waxing can be done on almost all areas of the body, from eyebrows, mustache, hands, buttocks, through the groin down to the feet.


For the effective hair removal the hair should be at least four millimeters. Immediately after the procedure is not recommended swimming in chlorinated water and sunbathing.



The skin remains smooth approximately four to six weeks. Within repeated treatments hairs are weaker and the pain of surgery becomes minimal. For hypersensitive or allergic skin should use another method of removal.



                   Price list

Upper Lip

 80,- Kč
Brad  80,- Kč
Shape 160,- Kč
Ears 100,- Kč
Nos 100,- Kč
Forearm 200,- Kč
The arms 200,- Kč
Armpits 200,- Kč
Chest od 450,- Kč
Back 500,- Kč
Stripe on the abdomen 100,- Kč
Thighs 300,- Kč
Calves 300,- Kč
Entire legs 600,- Kč