Chemical peeling Sesderma with nano technology

Is a non-surgical treatment and whose resulting is a gentle exfoliation of the outer layer of the skin. Thereby is helping to faster recovery.


Chemical peels is used to brighten and rejuvenate aging skin, smoothing fine wrinkles, soften acne scars and enlarged pores and removing pigment spots. It is also an integral part of comprehensive treatment of acne and positive effect on oily skin. Chemical peeling is one of the interventions with immediate effect.


MESOPEELING Antiaging Dermic has beneficial effect on damaged and aging skin. Excellent results are achieved with the skin with stains or scars after acne.


The results have been seen from the first treatment. Facial skin becomes visibly younger, brighter and smoother. Minor wrinkles disappear and stains are lighter. Scars are getting slowly disappear.




  • Total recovery of the skin
  • Supporting skin hydration
  • Smoothing out the fine surface wrinkles
  • Reducing the size of the pores
  • Soften the skin surface
  • Removal of the pigment spots


The chemical peels is effective procedure used not only for the skin regeneration of the face, neck and decollete, but also on the backs of the hands and back.


According to the type of your problem, you can choose from these treatments:


  1. DERMAPEEL - 1.900, - CZK

Objective: Antioxidant, Brightening, Unification, Backlighting, Antiaging


  1. SUNDELACT - 1.200, - CZK

Objective: Suitable for dark circles under the eyes, eye contour without the brightness and hydration.

Smooths wrinkles around the eyes and lightens. Increases microcirculation and lymphatic drainage (suitable for swelling).

Protects against UV rays.


  1. NONGIPEEL - 1.900, - CZK

Objective: Pale and tired skin with the lack of brightness. Dehydrated skin. Skin excessively exposed to sunlight.


  1. VENLAC - 1.600, - CZK

Objective: KUPERÓZA (broken veins) Rosocea (rosacea), problematic skin



Objective: Brightening and toning of the skin. Smoothing the epidermis. Antiaging. Protects against UV rays.



After application gets the faster recovery of skin cells, improve the quality of the elastic fibers, improves the skin hydration, reduce sebum production and adjusted to abnormal keratinization of the skin. Indispensable effects of chemical peeling is also an antioxidant effect.



The treatment is painless. Exceptionally the treatment can feel a slight stinging.

On the skin is applied a acid in different variations according to the type of the skin. After a few minutes the acid is neutralized and removed. The first effects of substances is loosening of the surface layer of the skin which then starts to recover.


Based on this procedure is achieved younger and fresher appearance or correcting any problems on the skin.


To maintain the permanent effect is recommended to undergo 4-6 treatments, among which should be a pause of 21 days.


After treatment your skin will be slightly flushed.


For the chemical peeling is important to avoid sunlight and use creams with high SPF during the treatment.

Our professional team will advise you which products should be applied to the treated skin. Mostly products for the soothing skin and the support of the regeneration.


Chemical peeling is respecting to correct procedure and correct diagnosis very effective treatment and corrective method. Which can often replace other much more expensive treatments.




Burn of the skin, damage the integrity of the skin in the treated area, epilepsy, tumors, taking medicines increasing photosensitivity of the skin.