Sugar paste of hair removal

Hair removal sugar paste is an old fashioned technique and is used for depilation of all body parts.



The sugar paste BODY EPILL is 100% natural product, which is based on sugar, lemon and water.

The paste is applied against the direction of hair growth. Than thoroughly incorporated into the skin and the hair is subsequently pulling out in the direction of growth.


The application is less painful than waxing. Additionally there is not injury of the skin and the hair don’t have the tend to overgrow. High content of the sugar is antibacterial.


After ripping, the new hair grow finer and thinner. With long-term use their presence diminishes. Regular applications not only reliably and gently removes hair, but also the dead cells from the skin's surface. The skin leaves a smooth, clean and softer across the board.


After making depilation is the skin treated with disinfectant and soothing moisturizing lotion, which is of plant origin and has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects.




Eyebrows 180,- 
Faces       200,- 
Upper lip 100,- 
Brad   100,- 
Nostrils 100,- 
Ears 100,- 
Armpits 200,- 
The arms (from the shoulder to the elbow) 300,-
Hands elbow (incl. the fingers) 300,-
Fingers 150,-
Stripe on the abdomen (around the navel) 200,-
Abdomen 350,-
Chest od 450,-
Schoulders 300,-
Back (upper portion) 450,-
Back (bottom) 450,-
Back full 800,- 
Buttocks 350,-
Groin (inner thigh) 300,-
Thigh (without the bikini) 450,-
Thighs (incl. Groins) 700,-
Calf 500,-
Whole legs (without groin with fingers) 850,-
NEW - Hair Removal beard - 800,-
Bikini (groin) 300,-
Thong bikini (groin, iner things) 400,-

Brazilian depilation - complete depilation of intimate parts including bikini line, inner thighs and around rectum

Brazil - Ladies  600,-
Brazil - Gentlemen  1.100,-

   Brazilian depilation for regular clients:                        

 Ladies - 500,-           
Gentleman - 900,- Kč