The massage combines precision, perfection, delicacy, brings a sense of relaxation and comfort.



Classical massage


The classical massage relieves fatigue and enhance regeneration. Removes inertia, stiffness, soreness and muscle shortening. It helps to improve blood circulation, positively affects the lymphatic system. This massage is performed richer and stronger touches that remove accumulated fatigue substances eg. lactic acid in the muscles hence is very suitable in the day and the second day after the performance.




  • relieves muscle tension and muscle pain

  • boosts immunity, minimizing fatigue, irritability and stress

  • helps to calm down the organism, massaging induces a feeling of safety

  • aroma of aromatic essences acts directly on the brain and central nervous system and immediately affect our psyche

  • brings deep relaxation and overall spiritual cleansing

  • stimulate blood and lymph circulation, digestion and bodily functions

  • relieves the accumulation of blood and lymph in certain organs, produces uniform blood flow throughout the body

  • there is a better flow of energy

Lymphatic massage


Special haptic technology focused primarily on the lymphatic system. Is carried out with gentle circular strokes thrust without the use of oils, emulsions at regular second intervals. Has beneficial effects on detoxification of the body, preventing cellulite, swelling of the eyelids, starting organism, the body drainage, treatment of edema (heavy and swollen feet), accelerates healing and increases immunity.




  • detoxification and starting organism

  • helps against cellulite

  • reduces leg swelling

  • swelling of the eyelids

  • increases immunity

  • helps against varicose veins

  • helps against migraine




Classical massage



20 min. -280 CZK


Back and neck

40M min. -470 CZK


Back, neck,upper extremity

50min. -600 CZK


Back, neck, legs

60 min. -720 CZK


Paraffin wraps

-80 CZK



Lymphatic massage



90MIN. -1300 CZK



50min. -500 CZK



25min. -260 CZK



25min. -260 CZK