Skin Line permanently removes broken veins, spider nevi and hemangiomas.


The method is very successful and can be done even in the summer time. Leaves no traces after the injection, the treatment does not cause allergies and does not leave pigmentation spots.


It acts as a high-frequency needle. During the injection does not flow high frequency power in the probe but only uniform flow. Instead coagulation is initiated electrolysis and it solves the adhesion of residual tissue on the probe surface, therefore no scarring or pigmentation.


Advantages of method SKIN LINE


  • Accuracy - microscopically thin probe tip allows for precise work with facial parts

  • Safety - unlike laser regardless of the skin color of the client and therefore no danger of burns or pigmentary changes

  • Financial availability - compared to laser costs are lower

  • Durability of action - the only one method with 100% efficiency




Price list

Veins in the face 900,-
Veins around the nose 450,-
Veins on the cheeks 500,-
Spider nevus  350,-
Fibrom,hemangiom 1-2mm 250,- more 100,-
2-3mm 350,- more 150,-
3-5mm 450,- more 250,-
Pigment spots 1 pcs 350,- more 200,-
Senile pigment spots 1 pcs 350,-
Pigmentation of both hands 800,-