Brazilian depilation

Brazilian depilation is a modern trend that came to us from Brazil and the USA. This is the complete removal of hair in intimate areas and in the groin. After an agreement it is possible to let the stripe, triangle or clamshell from hair.

For more complicated ideas like sweetheart, playboy and other extra charge 200, - CZK.


What are the conditions?


The sugar paste EPILL BODY handle hairs since 3 mm if they are strong. We recommend let them grow at least 5 mm. Doesn’t matter at the length in case of need we reduce.


How long will the skin keep smooth?


Repeated treatment of sugar paste is individual for the each client (depending on the speed of hair growth depilated body). Generally the client can count the time between 4-6 weeks.


The brazilian depilation is relatively more painful than shaving razor. But on the other hand, you have almost a month peace of shaving. For the first time but certainly prefer to entrust the


professionals, because the intimate parts are really sensitive. During the gradual repetition the hair are getting thinner and then you will not even feel the tear out.


Brazilian depilation by the sugar paste:


Ladies            600, - CZK 

Gentlemen  1.100, - CZK




Anesthetic without injection 5 g CZK 200


The anesthetic is applied on the skin and the mucosa of the genital organs of adults.