Laser program against smoking and losing weight is an innovative approach in the treatment of nicotine dependence. It helps people quit smoking cigarettes, cigars and smokeless tobacco, or as an excellent tool for people willing to weight loss.


The program is adapted to the needs of individuals in all cases. The program can help you to achieve your goals without the stress.


Laser acupuncture treatment stabilizes blood endorphin. Body and consciousness are in a quieter, more relaxed state and stable effect of endorphins helps to eliminate or reduce craving or food.


Soft lasers are extremely safe, since the laser light has no effect on healthy cells. The laser light restores balance, energy, nutrients, and oxygen permeability to diseased cells, creating conditions for accelerated healing and regeneration.


In the most cases only one application is sufficient. If necessary a second surgery is for free of charge.





It is a method that incorporates the experience most prestigious institutes of traditional medicine in China in Nanjing laser technology.


Traditional Chinese medicine has an effect on people using different treatment methods.


About acupuncture and lasers


How acupuncture works, nobody knows the details, but almost everyone emerge the idea of

studded needles in the skin.


Less people know that the acupuncture can do differently and electrical impulses. The laser light continuous or pulsating, stones, which are able to vibrate at certain frequencies.


Even an acupressure method is known where use the pressure in acupressure sensitive areas.


Stimulating of biologically active points on the body surface. These points are interconnected to each other in so called Meridian pathways. The essence of the effect of acupuncture is the effect on the regulatory systems of the organism. The most often is affected nervous, endocrine and immune systems. The goal of therapy is to restore humoral, and vegetative energy balance of the body.


The acupuncture can be performed in the different ways and takes up a large number of diagnoses. No need to worry about this technique because it is proven millennia years.


Laser stimulation is suitable for people who are unwell during electrical stimulation, and children.


  • It has advantages against to acupuncture needles - is non-invasive (does not leave marks on the skin), does not hurt, it is soft and sensitive.

  • Laser stimulation is more efficient than the power at surface points achievable laser.

  • In our appliance the laser intensity is fixed and the wavelength as well. It is a red laser, which acts in the depth of several centimeters.

  • Laser and electric stimulation is generally used for symptomatic relief of the pain in the long term, but also as an additional treatment of pain e.g. after operations.

  • Laser treatment is used as a substitute for acupuncture needles because it directly illuminates the key points on the skin surface.




During the 45-min. surgery acupuncture points stimulated by the Soft Laser.


In most cases it is sufficient to effect one – only one application. If necessary, the treatment may be repeated free of charge during the first two months.


During one visit may be carried out by the two medical procedures such as:


  • Laser treatment for smoking cessation and weight loss laser acupuncture


Treatments are completely painless, without risk and without concomitant phenomena. Application carried out by qualified experts and doctors.


  • Laser treatment for smoking cessation by laser acupuncture 2.500 ,- CZK

  • Laser treatment for weight loss by laser acupuncture 2.500 ,- CZK


PRICE BOTH surgery (smoking and weight loss) IS 4.700, - CZK


Surgery is performed by trained personnel certified by the German soft laser, which has built-searcher acupuncture points, which makes it possible to estimate the 100% correct place, the desired point.