Minimally invasive removal of wrinkles.



DermaPen system uses automatic vibration needles stitch into the skin at high speed. This makes treatment minimally painful, unlike other methods which are using needled.


Combination this micro-needle therapy and active substances which are incorporated into a middle layer of the skin. There is a remodeling of collagen and elastin, which leads to the regeneration, brightening, shutdown and skin rejuvenation. 


After treatment is skin flushed with a sense of heat. Subsides in 3-5 days. They may discover tiny scabs. After the procedure is necessary strict protection from the sun. Makeup can be applied 48 hours after treatment.


Two weeks after treatment, do not apply a fill to wrinkles, chemical peels or cosmetic cleansing, facial laser and etc.


DermaPen therapy means:


  • Stimulation of collagen
  • Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle
  • Improving the appearance of scars
  • Improving skin texture